Citri Hair and Beauty Artemes

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Australian creators of luxury ready-to-wear lashes, Artémes are renowned for their impeccable design and superior craftsmanship.
Handcrafted using the finest sourced mink hairs each strand is individually selected to create the world’s most luxurious natural looking lashes. 
Skilled artisans ensure that every pair of Artemes lashes preserve the original softness, durability and quality of the mink fur. 
Every Artemes lash takes over two days to complete with each strand of fur individually placed on the band by
artisans who each see their own lashes through to completion.
Artemes lashes are designed to last up to 25 uses.

Twice Bitten

Thousand Eyes

Think Twice

The Knockout

The Charmer

Take A Moment

Sweet Souls

Second Guess

Rumour Has It

Mistaken Identity

Love Shady

Love Addict

Lost Innocence

Enlighten Me

Big Love


Beautiful Chaos

A Fine Line